Monday, November 21, 2011

My First Gouache Head Study!

I had to make it as nerdy looking as possible. Represent.

From Glen and Laurel's head painting class at 3Kicks.

Oh yeah and sorry for the image quality. The painting isn't quite this yellow in person.


Mike Nassar said...

man, I love the super defined swatchiness on the planes of the face and color choices. must really help your thinking more clearly when you work digital when you practice this way.

Arthur Loftis said...

ah man, mike. you managed to read my mind again. i haven't done much digital painting recently, but yeah... that's exactly what i was thinking when i signed up for the class. i want to take this gouache tiling stuff and turn it into mielgo-like digital painting... we'll see how that goes. i'm taking the class again next term, so i'll see you in there if you decide to too