Monday, November 14, 2011

Recent Work

New stuff! Landscape painting at Union Station and the American Military Museum.

Some 10 minute poses from Kirk's Friday night workshop at Art Center.

And a WIP from Glen and Laurel's gouache head painting class on Sundays. The color balance is way off in this photo. I wish I could take full credit for how it looks at this stage, but they both worked on it quite a bit. Still, I'm learning a ton every week.

Just went to Illuxcon last week. Next up is CTN. See you guys there on Saturday!


Mike Nassar said...

dude. this is so awesome.

Arthur Loftis said...

thanks man!

Victor Preto said...

Amazing stuff Arthur! keep up the awesome posts!

Arthur Loftis said...

thanks victor! hope things are going well for you post-6ph